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The Rare White Strawberry Seeds, Pineapple Strawberry Seeds, Creamy Strawberry Seeds 4 Seasons sowing

White strawberry seeds,

Creamy Strawberry Seeds

Pineapple Strawberry Seeds

Germination rates 80%
1KG about 600,000 seeds

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The Rare White Strawberry Seeds, Pineapple Strawberry Seeds, Creamy Strawberry Seeds 4 Seasons sowingRed Strawberry Varieties: Akihime, Toyonoka, Chinese, Beauty, red solid beauty, Four Seasons, Tongzi No.1, ALBI, Sweet Charlie, Strawberry seeds


Days to Maturity:  30-90  Days
Growing Temperature:  15-35 Celcius
Sowing Temperature:   20-25 Celcius

1. "Strawberry varieties "
"The pineapple berry" is a wild strawberry originating in South America
2. "Queen of Fruit"
The Pineapple Raspberry is suitable for garden cultivation. Around their houses, indoor, balcony, etc. can be cultivated. Either eaten fresh fruit and landscaping. Planting method with reference to the open field cultivation. Container cultivation methods introduced here only
Pineapple raspberries not only can absorb carbon monoxide, nicotine, sulfur dioxide and other toxic substances, can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene and other carcinogens, can purify the air, and play a role in cancer prevention.
3. Pineapple berry nutritious
Containing fructose, sucrose, citric acid, malic acid, salicylic acid, amino acids and calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other minerals. In addition, it contains a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin C content is very rich, contain vitamin C60 mg per 100 g pineapple berry. Pineapple berry contains carotene is a synthetic vitamin A substances, with eyesight Yanggan effect. Pineapple raspberries also contain pectin and rich in dietary fiber, can help eliminate.
4. Pineapple berry eat
Eat a lot of pineapple berry. If mixed with cream or milk, food, and its flavor is excellent; Wash the pineapple raspberries, sugar and cream pineapple raspberry mud smashed into the freezing cold sweet, savory, delicious Summer food; the pineapple berry sauce, such as do Lantern buns, bread, sandwiches, wonderful food. Pineapple berries can also be processed into juices, jams, fruit wine and canned

2. Anti-Cancer
Pineapple berry is tannin-rich plants, in vivo absorption and prevent the absorption of carcinogenic chemicals have a role in cancer prevention.
5. Shade-tolerant temperature
Pineapple berry is an excellent potted foliage plants, it likes the sun, less water, excellent conservation still grow well in temperatures up to 38 degrees, the temperature at minus 6 degrees Celsius can micro long.
6. Beauty fruit
New York strawberries included in the top ten beauty foods. According to the study, women who eat strawberries, skin, hair, have a role in health care. The strawberry in Germany known as the "magical fruit". Strawberries can also lose weight, contain a substance called aspartic acid, can be removed by the body's "slag".

7. Pineapple raspberry planting way
The Pineapple Raspberry is suitable for garden cultivation. Around their houses, indoor, balcony, etc. can be cultivated. Either eaten fresh fruit and landscaping. Planting method with reference to the open field cultivation. Here only introduce the container cultivation methods.


    The pineapple berry potted application more prevalent. Can be placed freely according to the specific conditions. Easier to artificially create conditions suitable for the growth and development of. But the small containers, soil less vulnerable to the impact of the external environment, poor control. So potted with a unique method of cultivating.


    1, pineapple berry cultivation select suitable containers varied use of the container, rectangular, square, round, hexagonal, etc.. Can be selected according to their preferences. Planting the number of trees to be multi-select large pan, the number of trees planted as little as you want Xiaopen. Commonly used ceramic basin cultivation, good ventilation, easy drainage, style, very suitable for strawberry cultivation.


    2. Select all varieties of strawberries varieties are suitable for potted plants, immediate early, middle, late-maturing and strawberry varieties can be. Garden cultivation to select good quality fruit, bright fruit, not only fresh but also ornamental varieties.


    3. The soil ready access with more humus soil, take the topsoil in the garden or woods, mixed part of the field soil. Or vegetable garden fertile soil and peat soil mixed half and half dubbed. Can also be used loam, sand, 1 part mixed. Well applied into a small amount of fertilizer.


    4. Colonization choice of seedlings, plant seedlings with 3-5 leaves. Moderate roots, no pests. Early spring planting appropriate in early March, the fall planting in early September. Are available the indoor cultivation throughout the year each season. Installed in the basin before planting to cultivate the soil, the soil surface 3-4 cm from the basin along. The irrigated, place two days then Cao Meimiao Zairu basin. Planting method is the strawberry root vertical stretch planted in the cavity. Then soil flatten. The planting depth is appropriate to not bury the heart, and the original growth. Water after transplanting pouring the right amount. Stable temperature and humidity, can be put in plastic bags basin for the basin. This reduces evaporation basin temperature and humidity is relatively stable and conducive to the growth of strawberries. Other times can be planted with soil planted. High survival rate.


    5. Manage the day-to-day management to be fine, the management of water, fertilizer and temperature.
Often poured small water after planting strawberry moisturizer in the shade. Can not be done wet, keep the bowl soil wet. In the summer, early or evening watering. Place the pots in a cool place. Favorable pineapple berry growth.
The potted pineapple berry temperature changes, focusing on the low and high temperature of the winter and summer. Northern winter basin moved indoors, to raise the temperature. Move to cool shade in the summer high temperatures make pots.
Potted pineapple berry due to less soil, root growth range. Application of organic fertilizer and water based. Taomi, wash the fish and water into glass bottles or transparent plastic bottle left in the sun for 5-6 days use. You can also use the maturity of the the soybean water and sesame slag irrigated facilities, a solution of urea, superphosphate, potassium chloride fertilizer, pouring once every seven days, the concentration should not be too large.

   6. Huanpen pineapple raspberries 2 years after planting, you can Xinmiao to be replaced. Or Xiaopen change large pan of re-planting. The basin reload nutritive soil, then seedlings Zairu, watering