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Big Fruits Ningxia Goji Seeds Wolfberry seeds Medlar seeds lyceum barbarum Goji seeds-Exported To Many Countries!!!

Ningxia No.1 Goji Wolfberry Medlar Berry seeds 

Goji seeds: Purity 99%  

Neatness: 97%

Germination percentage: 65%-70%

1KG: About 60000-80000 seeds

More details

Chinese Best Wolfberry Medlar Goji Berry seeds for growing-Ningxia Goji No.1


Model No.: FV-J-GQ001


Ningxia- The hometown of goji.

Ningxia goji No.1


1. Goji seeds details:

Goji seeds                        : Purity 99%  

Neatness                          : 97%

Germination percentage     : 65%-70%

1KG                                 : About 60,000-80,000 seeds

FOB shanghai price           : $ 120.0-$150.0/dollars/kg.

Deliver time                       : within 3 working days after payment confirmed.


2. Advantages

Our goji seeds brand is ‘Ningxia NO.1’.

It is the best specie in china which has the advantage of good adaptability. And is a national patented product, treated as a important promotion project in Ningxia by our government.


Advantages of ‘Ningxia NO.1’:

1. Its good quality is nationally known.
Achieve Gold Award of national scientific and technological .It is the best varieties, the fruit grows from ‘Ningxia NO.1’ seed usually has a length of 1.5 ~ 2CM, fruit of world class quality with big grains, red color, high nutrients.

2. High survival rate.

3. High germination rate: 65-75%, 1 acre only need 500gram seeds, about 300-450 seedlings (small trees)      

4. Growth quickly: tree with a height of 150-170cm, stem about 5cm, the output of fruit is 34% more than normal seeds.

5. The plants have the abilities of coping with drought, cold, salinity, has good yield, and good quality crops. 3 year after 1 acre will harvest about 150kgs dry fruit, 5 years after 1 acre yield will harvest about 270 kg dry fruit, the higher up to 400 kg. High-grade fruit rate more than 90%.


  1. 1.      More information about goji seeds 

Goji berries are also known as lycium barbarum or Chinese wolfberry. The plants are deciduous, woody perennial, which are adaptable to complex environment. They prefer hot and dry summer, but they will grow in humid climate as well. They can endure the cold winter and thrive better in the next spring. If you want to try growing the plant, you’ll just have to see whether the plant is adapted to the climate.


2. Growing Instructions

1. Mixing sand and goji seeds together, putting them in a cold place, turning over for several times, and keeping them wet for 15 days.

2. Next, soaking them in water for germinating.

3. In 7 to 10 days, they will germinate and have little roots, meanwhile they are suitable for planting in starter pots. Generally, half the seeds will germinate.

4. Please remember you should prepare your soil from a mixture of worm castings and biological compost, with enough sand so that any excess of water can drain easily. An alkaline soil of pH 8.2 to 8.6 is the natural habitat of wolfberry.

5. Germinated berries should be planted about half an inch down in the starter pots, a lot deeper for the larger ones. An actual seed of wolfberry is smaller than that of tomato. In our experience, it will take 10-14 days for them to start coming up. The first green shoots will be tiny leaves that you have to look after them carefully. There is no doubt that once the plant sprouts, it will live. However, they grow slowly during the first few months. The time seedlings have outgrown their starter pots, you can put your small Goji shrubs in buckets of 5 gallon, with drain holes punched at the bottom. Goji can grow to 8 feet, about 1 to 3 meters high


  1. 3.  Notes

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Storage: Ventilation, Dry Place, No More Than 20 degree

Payment Terms: Negotiable

Minimum Order Quantity: 2 kg

Package: on request