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All Kinds Of Green /Red/ Hybird F1/ Hot Pepper Seeds Chilli Seeds

Hybrid Large pod/Green/Hot pepper seeds
High and stable yielding
Tolerant to heat
Multi-diseases resistance
Good commercial

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All Kinds Of Green /Red/ Hybird F1/ Hot Pepper Seeds Chilli Seeds  


Pepper seed 1:


Medium maturing hybrid hot pepper, vigorous growth, plant height is about 50cm.


Each pepper weight about 10 to 15 grams, taste very peppery, and every plant can fruit 200 to 250 peppers


The best sowing time is early march, sowing dosage is 150 grams, can plant about 8000 plants per Chinese mu (one Chinese mu=666.7 square meter).


The best growth temperature is from 25 degree to 30 degree during the day, from 15 degree to 20 degree at the night.



 Pepper seed 2:


1) Mid-early-maturity hybrid variety with lantern fruits;
2) High fruit-setting rate, sweet taste, comprehensive disease resistance and good commercial value.
3) Fruit length 8-9cm, diameter 5-6cm, single fruit weight about 110g;
4) General yield 38-45ton/ha.


5) Good quality sweet broad pea seeds and vegetable seeds;











2 years




 Pepper seed 3:


1) Mid-early-maturity F1 hybrid variety with Red lantern fruits;
2) High fruit-setting rate, sweet taste, comprehensive disease resistance and good commercial value.
3) Fruit length 10-12cm, diameter 8-10cm, single fruit weight ab out 300-400g;


4) Good quality sweet broad pea seeds and vegetable seeds











2 years




Pepper seed 4:


F1 Hybrid Pepper Seeds
1. The product of the company breeding, a hybrid generation.


2. The winter and early spring, autumn delay all can be planted, green generation hybrid bell pepper.


3. Fruit square, fruits, about 8 * 8.5 CM, with uniform fruit, fruit wall thickness.


4. Green turn red hybrid varieties, green for harvest.


5. Vigorous plant, leaf under cover, continuous fruit ability.


6. Resistance to tobacco Mosaic virus physiological small kind of 0,1,2 and potato virus Y.


7. Early maturity, heat resistance, cold resistance of good.


8. Fruit thick and hard, good shipping quality, by the hotel and farmers are favorite.


Seedling raising temperature 24-28 degrees, planting, the day 22-25 degrees, 20 degrees at night, and shall not be less than 16 degrees, a fruit to harvest 50-60 days, planting density distance 45-65 centimeters, spaced 45-50 centimeters. 1800-2400 plants per hectare engraftment.




Pepper seed 5:


Red bell pepper seeds
1)new crops
2)Reasonable price with high quality
3)Term of payment LC DP TT
4)Time delivery 7~15 days


New variety: Green fruit turns red when maturity.


Big fruit with thick flesh. Fruit length is approx. 16—18cm, width is approx. 5—6cm.Average fruit weight is over 80g. Tolerance to anthracnose, and other viruses. High yielding of 75tons/ha. Good quality and transportation.



Pepper seed 6:


Length: 13~14cm
Diameter: 1.8cm
Weight: 18~20g


Hot Asia F1 is vigorous plant and extremely productive hybrid variety. Fruits are thick and long, 13~14cm in length, 1.8cm in diameter, and 18~20g in weight. Very prolific, fruits are deep red in colour with mild pungency. Hot Asia F1 offers a good quality hot chilli for green and fresh market.



Package will ship by Express, like UPS, DHL, EMS ......Door to door service.


Delivery time:
Within 3-5 working days after payment confirmed.


500g/ bag, 1kg/ctn, 2kg/ctn.


More product photos:


About our planting base:


Fairy Valley have more than 10 (family hold farm) planting bases and an area of 5000 mu,including the intelligent automatic seeding greenhouse 500000 square meter.greenhouse and plastic warm greenhouse in winter 600000 square meter.We can offer the top quality many kinds of seeds 40,000,000,000  plants in one year,with the excellent technology and advanced equipments,we have developed serval well-known companies into partner in

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